Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Heavy Pencil at Pick Me Up

I’m drawing to music and also musicing* to drawing at 2 Heavy Pencil evenings at Somerset House this march as part of Pick Me Up 2011. There are some great people either drawing or making or djing or musicing. The night is organised by the formidable Mr Andrew Rae who also did the above flyer. (He is the one with the brain and glasses).

Live Art and Live Music

Thursday 17th March
James Jarvis, Will Sweeney, Andrew Rae, Jim Stoten, Luke Best, Nick White, Gavin Lucas, Chief Chuckeroo

Thursday 24th March
Jiggery Pokery, Jess Bonham, Chrissie Macdonald, Andrew Rae, Jim Stoten, Luke Best, Nick White, Chief Chuckeroo, Curly Steve, Ben Fry

At Pick Me Up at Somerset House, 6-9 PM, £7 Entry Includes Exhibition,

* What is the correct word here. Apparently Musicing is not a real word. Perhaps if I use regularly it in my day to day life it will become a real word. Like Pinocchio became a real boy.

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