Monday, 14 February 2011

Recent-ish Editorial pieces!

I say recent-ish as most were done at the end of last year. The top one being for the latest issue of Eye magazine, illustrating a great piece about how graphic design students should be taught information design rather than just making things look pretty. The subject is something I often think about in regards to my work as it can often feel like i am favouring 'style over content' due to my want to put pattern everywhere. But I think what I came up with shows that it's not totally one sided. The piece has been printed up nicely as it features in the 'Uncoated' section of the magazine where surprisingly the paper is uncoated. The whole issue focuses on infographics and looks great thanks to the art direction of Simon Esterson. It's worth picking up if not for my illo but for the pieces on McSweeney's and Chris Ware.

Here it is in all it's printed glory.

This piece was the for the L.A Times review of the new Salman Rushdie book 'Luka and the fire of life' which was written for his son. It deals with among other things a magic carpet, a circus, some animals, some classic video games, somebody called 'Nobodaddy' and the quest to find the fire of life as you probably guessed.

On a quite different note here is the cover I did for a watch supplement for The Spectator. T'was nice to draw with me ol' dip pen for a change.