Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wondered and wandered

I am very happy to report that the Owen & The Eyeballs' world tour was a huge success! Although this world tour consisted of one date in New York, as can be seen above and below and from all the countless photos people took and shared on the internet, the closing gala was a whole lot of fun.
The day after arriving and following a mighty diner breakfast of pancakes and french toast, the band headed to the 'Wondering around Wandering' space to lead a workshop alongside Chrissie Macdonald and Irene Fuga, to create the set and our costumes for the gig. The theme for the creations was SPACE, which soon turned into a ' Sexy Psychedelic Space' theme due to the materials at hand and it being an Owen & The Eyeballs gig.
Many a kind fellow came down to help collaborate and oh boy was it fun. Everyone worked hard and late into the night creating some extraordinary creations. Thanks to everyone who came down!
The costumes coming together. Photo by Mr Gildersleeve.
The gig itself was a joyous experience with lots of people getting down and dancing their socks off.  

Jim and Andrew discuss the merits of costume changes and whether it's better to have a giant sad face or giant melty hand for a head.
Owen celebrates the fact the gig is over and that he can now drink all the free booze.
The man himself Mike Perry grabs the mic and spits some lyrics / makes a lovely thank you speech,
Evidence that the Eyeballs were so loud that even Chrissie had to protect her ears.
The workshop, gala and whole trip was crazy fun. A big thank you to Mike Perry for inviting us and being such a generous host, to Anna Wolf and Josh Cochran for their tremendous hospitality, to Masha, Fiona, Katie and Lee for being so helpful and accommodating to us. Thanks to Hints, Lee and the Menahan Street Band for the lend of their instruments and equipment. And last but not least huge thanks to all the people that came down to the workshop and show.

Photography by Meredith Jenks, Mike Perry, Owen Gildersleeve and Me.