Thursday, 28 February 2013

NY Times - The Next Frontier Is Inside Your Brain

Illustration for the New York Times' Sunday Review. It's a fascinating piece that looks at a new research initiative into the Brain that hopes answer, among other questions ... 'how the brain generates thoughts, dreams, memories, perception and consciousness...' This was nice, quick job with the turnaround ending up being about 4 hours for roughs and final.

At first I was thinking about focusing on the neurons in the brain but replacing the 'cell' part with faces. Which, although was getting there wasn't quite working. As the art director quite rightly informed me, the neurons looked more like trees or onions.

 In the end we went with the classic Head option, with the final image being stretched out to fill the space and the various parts moving around a bit. Normally going from rough to final I would swap over to using gouache and painting it, which can sometimes mean I tighten up and make the image a bit too clean. This time however I was enjoying the pencil marks so stuck with it. Thanks to Alexandra Zsigmond for the commission and great art direction.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Nightmare before Valentines

On the 13th of Feb to celebrate the day before Love day (where everyone gives strangers hand made cards with hearts on them and scrawls sweet nothings inside with their non writing hand), we aka Owen & The Eyeballs, the band I am in, have a gig at Catch. We will be playing with the marvelous Dead Pirates who contrary to their name are neither dead nor pirates. (I could be wrong).
Details below. Poster above by Jim 'Jimbalaya' Stoten.
The Nightmare before Valentines.
Live Music, Good Times, Much Fun
featuring live music costumes and visuals from: 
Owen and the Eyeballs 
The Dead Pirates
At Catch 22 Kingsland Road E2 8DA
February 13th at 8 till late
Free Entry

The Future of Illustration

In the future (give it a few years) all Illustration will be done using a giant telescopic pencil that shoots Lazers onto the side of the moon.
Only joking, in the future all Illustration will be made by robots shooting lazers from their eyes.

More predictions about the future soon.