Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Limner Journal #2 Launch

24th January sees the launch of issue 2 of Limner Journal at Beach London, from 6-9pm. For people not in the know 'Limner is a new critical journal of illustration. It's aim is to provide a platform for the exploration, critique and contextualisation of contemporary illustration. Issue #2 takes the form of a 168 page book featuring new writing and illustration.' 

It has some great people in there including 

Jordan Chatwin, Blaise Larmee, Colin David Stewart, Peter Willis, Penny Klein, Murray O'Grady, Stine Belden R√łed, Grace Helmer, Jay Cover, Holly Mills, Reena Makwana, Kai Nodland, Reuben Mwaura, Joe Kessler, Liv Taylor, Eric Timothy Carson, Charlotte Mei, Umberto Eco, Ella Mclean, Florence Shaw, Nick White, Alice Lindsay, Good Press Gallery, Joakim Ojanen, Mike Redmond, Jon Pilkington, Chie Miyazaki, Lisa Wilkens, Rose Blake, Megan Woof, Dan Shapiro and Isabella Toledo.
If you look closely you will see my name included in that pile of names, this is due to me writing a whole bunch of words in an order and doing a few drawings too. (Though it is mostly writing.) I wrote the words in Limner a wee while ago and was pleased with them at the time. My piece is about Procrastination and the two people who read it said "It's not the worse thing I have ever read.'' Which is pretty high praise and also odd that they both independently said those exact same words. Thankfully there are so many other clever and talented people within the Journal so I am sure it will be great!

I know Peter Willis and the Studio Operative guys have worked darned hard on the Journal so If you live London way be sure to come down and grab* a copy.