Thursday, 15 July 2010

E.L.P Summer Fete!

Hey Hey Hey!

If you are wondering what the Heckings you should do this Saturday then let me tell you what. (you should do this saturday).

You should come to the East London Printmakers Summer Fete where I will have a stall with the genius that is Sam Rees. I have been working on a limited edition book especially for the event and finally got some A2 posters covered in heads printed up!

There are some great stalls and things going down (see above). Though I am particularly excited to see the Giant Lino Cut being printed with a steam roller. Anyone who has ever done any lino cut printing will know this isn't the usual method of printing.

Also it mentions that we will have an amazing game just for the fete. We have been trying to create our own version of the Zoltar machine from 'Big' enabling any wish you make to come true (as long as the wish Is 'I wish I was Tom Hanks acting childish'.') So far it has been harder than we thought.

Come on down if you can and want.