Monday, 31 January 2011

Heavy Pencil East 2011!

Heavy Pencil East is back and I will be there drawing and not playing music. Luckily there will be plenty of good tunage from Chief Chuckeroo, Andrew Rae, Nous Vous and the famously infamous Tom and Jim (back from their world tour.) It should be a right giraffe and at the grand sum of free, it's also a bargain. All I have to do now is to think of some things to draw.

Poster by the superbrills man that is Jim Stoten. Lush.

Heavy Pencil East
Live Drawing and Live Music
with Jiggery Pokery, Nick White, Nous Vous, Jim Stoten,
Tom Richards, Andrew Rae and Chief Chuckeroo
Wednesday Feb 2nd, 8 till late, FREE ENTRY

See you there!