Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Joyful Bewilderment! 2nd October 2008

I am lucky enough to have a piece of work in the mighty group show 'The Joyful Bewilderment' curated by Holly Wales, Simon Peplow and Marcus Oakley. It's on at Rough Trade East and looks like it will be pretty amazing with a huge amount of extremely talented Artists / Illustrators / people who make beautiful things with their hands. The Private view is Thursday 2nd October and should be a winner. I'll be there trying my hardest not to accidently spit on all of these people when I over-enthusiastically compliment them on their work and perhaps their hair.

More Info can be found at the T.J.B Blog and over at Rough Trade.
Below is a taster of the piece I will be exhibiting.

The Combination of... October 08

Here be the poster for the next the Combination of... again it should be a good one not only because they have great musicians playing but also it's in the great Cafe OTO which just so happens to be walking distance from where I live.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

This Mystery Spot is a little late!

I was recently in a very nice exhibition called Mystery Spot at Indo in Whitechapel. The exhibition was organised by Michelle 'Me Up A Tree' Bollschweiler and was a huge success in that there were some lovely pics on the walls including work from L. Best, D. Waller, P. Molloy, T. Hicks and C. Mallison among others. The private view was very busy and a lot of fun and almost quite messy. Sorry you missed it but above is Michelle's flyer and one of the pieces which was on the wall. Safe.

Monday, 1 September 2008

The Combination of... September 08

So I thought I would post the latest Combination of... flyer before the gig this time. I realise this is pretty novel but I am feeling particularly adventurous. Again some mighty bands booked and all for the lowly sum of £4 with a free cd. Gosh.