Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Combination of... November 08 and October 08 Two.

Here is November's flyer for the superb night The Combination of... The evenings that the fine fellows over at www.thecombinationofwordstoformsentences.com put on have been described as 'The best night of my life' and ' No, the best night of my life not yours.' and 'I think you'll find it was the best night of my life as i was dancing like a wild animal and everyone knows that if you end up dancing like a wild animal then that is definitely the best night of your life.' and 'Well, when I went there was noone dancing like a wild animal.' and ' We must have gone on different nights then.' and ' Spose so.'

The Combination Of... had another night on in October and this was the flyer. Though Joe Gideon and the Shark played i decided to draw a horse instead. The horse is blue because if you look closely he has a hand around his throat giving him a little squeeze. Don't worry the horse was fine and not eaten by the people who came to the Macbeth that night. That most definitely did not happen. And if it did (which it didn't) I wouldn't have eaten it because as everyone knows I don't eat horse. Only ponies.