Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Perfect Day

Four original artworks from my Nobrow published book 'People I've never met & Conversations I've never had' are to be shown in the excellent group show 'A Perfect Day' in Amsterdam which opens today. The show is the continuation of the Apexart exhibit 'Lots of things like this' that took place in 2008 in New York and which was curated by author / publisher / artist man Dave Eggers. A perfect day carries on with the original exhibition's focus of drawings that mix text and image and the funny and it looks like a winner. I am pretty darn excited to be showing my work alongside such greats as Glen Baxter, Chris Johanson, Raymond Pettibon, David Shrigley, Simon Evans, I could go on. Ok, Saul Steinberg, Royal Art Lodge, Jeffrey Brown, Mr T from the A team. Ok the last one I made up but still I was impressed. If you find yourself in Amsterdam due to a holiday or because you live there then you should go and then you can let me know if I'm really in the show with those guys or if they've just put my stuff in a toilet or something.

A Perfect Day.