Thursday, 14 March 2013

Breads vs Heads

A couple of months ago the marvellous William Edmonds invited me to take part in his brilliant curatorial project 'Colossal Space', several months later I managed to pull my finger out and actually do it. For those not in the know, Colossal Space is a 55mm x 55mm x 95mm glass case exhibition space. The chosen artist, then decides what to exhibit inside the case, as well as what to exhibit outside of the case. They also get to decide where, when and how the exhibition will occur.

I won't say too much about what I did as I explain it all in far too much detail on the site but it was a lot of fun and a great project to be involved in. Cheers Will!

Head here to see the all the action and while you're there be sure to check out the other artists interpretations too.