Sunday, 28 March 2010

Non Narrative Drawings or Comics what don't make no sense.

I've been thinking recently about making some comics and so I started writing out some ideas but they quickly turned into just me writing out conversations similar to the ones I've never had featured in my book. Which in itself is fine, I can draw some little people chatting with speech bubbles above their heads quickly realising they have misunderstood what the other is chatting about with hilarious consequences. However there wouldn't be much to draw apart from a scene / background to place them in. So instead I decided to just start drawing / painting anything I could think of but place them in panels to see if at least I could make something that looks like a comic even if it doesn't really tell a story. Below is what I came up with. Some parts work, some don't, some I like, others I'm not too bothered about. I'm sure if I wanted I could try and figure out a narrative from it. Perhaps by covering up some sections or reordering it. I even tried to start a very simple panel narrative with some small guys wearing pointy hats but the first panel I drew was the one in the middle and then drew characters leaving to the right and left forgetting the first rule of comics being you read from left to right. Oh well, it's a start of something even if I'm not sure what.

From the looks of this post my favourite word is some. I think used it at least 28 times.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bit of a show off.

I recently found out that I have won an award of excellence from the Society for New Design. It was for the above illustration for the book review of Brian Evenson's 'Fugue State' made for the Los Angeles Times. I'd like to thank Paul Gonzales the deputy design director at the L A Times who commissioned the drawing and subsequently put it forward for the awards. Below is the rough for the image which isn't too far away from the final.