Friday, 5 November 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek Cover - Coke In Africa

Last week I was lucky enough to illustrate the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek over in the U.S of A. The cover is based on Duane Stanford's article about Coke in Africa (as you may well have been able to tell what with the big red and white writing.) The piece looks into the fact that Africa is the last place for Coca cola to conquer in terms of sales and the subsequent plus points and minus points of this. Obviously I had to show both these sides as well as making the cover intriguing to the viewer but without it looking too much like a Coke ad. I think I pulled it off and am real pleased with the outcome. I had some great art direction from Richard Turley the creative director at Businessweek who knew what he wanted but didn't say "now draw this in that corner and put some red here...' rather letting me come up with my own solutions that fitted the brief.


Ben Newman said...

Awesome! I love the Coke bottle in the middle.

Sowfia said...

this is wow. i like the barcode truck. I really hope the coke people dont conquer africa, what's the point of taking lots of water and making it into a little bit of coke, especailly when there's not enough clean water in the first place. Someone should beat them up.