Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Art Flea Saturday 18th May!

This saturday I am fortunate enough to be taking part in Art Flea in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Art Flea comes from the minds of Jo Fry and Julie Howe and is part of this years SITE Festival. Jo and Julie describe it as 'part flea-market, part conceptual art experiment, and part car-boot sale' and 'ART FLEA is a bizarre bazaar which draws together a dizzying collection of artistic enterprises and creative collaborations. ' 
I will be reconfiguring and re-imagining my Supermarket Sarah wall and will be selling my usual collection of prints, zines, fake tattoos and other printed ephemera including new Zine 'Are we being Ostriches?'. As with my previous wall there will be a plethora of goodies from my PALS too, including Sam Rees, Sister Arrow, Duvet Days, Flawedcore Records, Andrew Rae, Nous Vous and Zoe Taylor to name but a few. Woop woop!
I will also be bringing my hand-drawn temporary tattoo parlour, as previously showcased at the Nobrow stand at V&A Friday Lates, whereby I will draw you a tattoo of an animal, mineral or vegetable on to your body for a small fee. (Less than $1000)

I haven't exhibited artwork in Stroud since I was there for my Art Foundation all those years ago and it looks to be a real fun day with lots of great stuff going on. More info can be found here and here but not here!

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