Friday, 6 July 2012

Nostalgia Post 1

It's been a while so I thought I should start catching up with various things that I forgot to document at the time. I am slow. Here are some much delayed pictures from 'Friday Late : No Strings' at the V&A at the end of last year. The night consisted of many good things connected to contemporary graphics and independent publishing. Nobrow invited me to be part of their room, where they had all their usual great books for sale and a comic workshop with the mighty Jack Teagle and awesome Luke Pearson. I had my very own tattoo parlour, tattooing either an animal, vegetable or mineral onto the arms, occasional legs and one bum of members of the public. It was very fun and pretty intense, with me drawing non stop for 3 hours with one loo break in between. Sheesh. Here are some of the results which include some kind of Zebra / stripy donkey, an aubergine called 'Obie', a diamond and a whale with a tattoo of a whale with a tattoo of a whale... (Whaleception)

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