Thursday, 13 October 2011

K.K.II + Lmnop Q&A (The Alphabet post)

This saturday sees the second Kibbo Kift event held at The Victoria in Dalston in London. It is a night of musical music spoken spoken word all done by people who normally draw instead of these things. I will be playing some hastily made up songs and then watching proper bands Glow Wing and Fever Dream show me how it's meant to be done. The night is organised by the whirlwind that is Supermundane and features Will Edmonds and Nic Burrows (two thirds of Nous Vous) as well as Sarah Lippett (half of Crayon Legs) and Adrian Fleet (100% percent of Adrian Fleet). There will be a set of limited edition postcards by the performers and a badge for the first 100 hundred peoples.

More info here but not here. Do come it'll be fun.

In more work related news I did a Q & A with the fine people over at the LMNOP Shop who have a lovely shop in Brighton and great online one too. If you want to hear me chat about collecting, artists that I like and other ramblings head here but not here and definitely not here or here.

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