Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Recent Editorial Jobs.

Here's a few editorial bits and bobs I have done recently.

The above was for the current issue of the V&A magazine. To coordinate with the museums new exhibition 'Quilts 1700-2010' they invited author Tracy Chevalier to create a story based on an amazing Quilt from early 1800 in turn I had to create an illustration based on said story as well as taking inspiration from the original quilt .

Black and white illo for the LA Times for a review of 'The Unnamed' by Joshua Ferris.

Another one for the LA Times book review this time for Eva Hoffman’s book 'Time'.


Ben Newman said...

Whoa! The quilt patterns are amazing. The colours look incredible. Nice one, dudenstein!

Nick White said...

Cheers Mister was pleased about how it came out but still think I could have done better with the two peoples in the middle. But that's what happens when you spend most of your time just drawing heads and not the rest of the body!