Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Heavy Pencil at Pick Me Up 2013 Ho!

Heavy Pencil is back at Somerset House for Pick Me Up 2013 and this year sees a whole bunch of great people doing lots of great stuff like live drawing, costume making workshops and musical fun times. Mr Mike Perry and Mr Josh Cochran are even flying over and parachuting in especially for the event to paint up a treat of a mural. Come on down if you can get yourselves in! It looks like it will be a busy one!

Details below courtesy of Mr A. Rae.

Heavy Pencil
Live Art-Live Music

25th April, 6pm -10pm at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, Wc2R 1LA
Plus DJs Miles Donovan and Disco Bits
£8 Entry, £6 Concessions, £15 Festival Pass, available from

Saturday, 6 April 2013

David Sedaris - Me talk Pretty One Day. Reissue.

To celebrate 40 years of publishing, Abacus Books have gone and reissued 18 classic books with new introductions by the authors and with brand new covers. I was lucky enough to do the above cover for David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day. And boy do feel lucky, as David Sedaris is one hilarious writer man. If you (whoever you are) have not read any of his books or listened to any of his stories on This American Life or seen any of his readings on Youtube, then shame on you. Go and do that now. I will wait .......... Oh hi, thanks for coming back. You've been gone a while. That's fine, there is a lot to take in. He's good huh?

For this series of reissues, the brief was to focus on the title rather than the book as a whole. This meant a lot of the covers are purely typographical, as you can see from the other covers. It was a pleasure to play around with the type, as well as draw some of the bits and bobs mentioned within the book. (Like some fat suit legs.)
Above are some worked up roughs. Some using collage to focus on specific aspects of the book, another using some pretty phallic looking tongues flapping about. I was pretty excited by the bottom right cover, which I thought reflected the tone and odd nature of Sedaris' stories. As well as the fact that it included a picture of some meat, a fly and a shoe, which, in my opinion, all book covers should include. I do concede however, that the final cover probably answers the brief more succinctly and fits in better with the rest of the covers in the series. So there.

Head over to Foyles where you can try and win the whole set that includes such classics as Ian Banks' The Wasp Factory and Christopher Brookmyre's Quite Ugly One Morning.